Ducado VeGA & Zenya

The Duo's History

With a goal to be a part of music history and a will to win Ducado VeGA & Zenya Vi are on a quest to show the world that they are certifiable game changers. Steeped in Sly Stone Funk and Jimi Hendrix styled rock this team is a musical juggernaut. With influences like Prince, The White Stripes, Evanescence, James Brown and Led Zeppelin the intent is crystal clear, rule the day and make history. A fiery stage show, dynamic live presence and a desire to be the total entertainment experience is one of the driving forces behind this duo. On stage the duo share singing duties and swap playing instruments. You are literally getting 2 shows rolled into one.

The intent is to give the audience a never before seen Live experience. What you get from this duo is a unique blend of Funk, Rock, Soul, Hip-Hop and Pop. They have coined the phrase Slasher Pop as the description of their musical style. Both are prolific songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, arrangers and visionaries. Ducado is a songwriter and the producer of the duo. Zenya is an outstanding lyricist, vocalist and musician. In the recording studio they play all of the instruments, sing all vocals, do all programming, engineering, mixing and producing of their music.

Their musical catalogs combined has over 1500 original songs and continues to grow. Both Ducado and Zenya started out as solo artists but quickly realized there was a new found strength as a duo. This became official in 2012. This dynamic duo came to be after Ducado hired Zenya to be a part of his band BlooDRiCH in 2010. The 2 quickly became friends and started writing songs together as well as being stage performers. In 2012 their group disbanded and Ducado and Zenya opted to forge ahead as a duo. When they decided to move ahead as a duo their popularity skyrocketed. Their supporter base grew, they headlined high profile venues, booked numerous regional shows and caught the attention of the Media. In 2011 Ducado and Zenya formed a songwriting team called DiiViiZiiVii. Also in 2011 Ducado VeGA won the Dallas Observer Music Award for "Best Funk Act".


Ducado VeGA a Louisiana native, is a multi-talented musician, songwriter, producer, artist, multi-instrumentalist (plays 13 instruments), engineer, actor, author and motivational speaker. Ducado has been in the music business for over 2 decades, has years of experience in recording and performing and a vast knowledge of the music biz. Ducado started out as a sax player in his first band and moved from there to keys and vocals. After years of performing in bands in his hometown, he opted to go it alone, moved to Michigan and eventually Dallas where he became quickly established.

He has many recording projects to his credits including 1 solo album and 4 solo EPs. VeGA has produced a multitude of artists (regionally and nationally) and there is no letting up. He has co-authored a music marketing book called "Xtreme Music Marketing". And just like his book's title, Ducado VeGA is Xtreme. His music is hard hitting and funky. The sound was crafted through combing several different musical styles including funk, rock, hip-hop, soul, latin and dance. Ducado constantly pushes the creative limits by diving head first into new innovate projects. Having written and produced music in over 15 genres, Ducado has the reputation of never sleeping. Ducado has an innate ability to combine the old with the new and never lose a step. New Projects include New Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi EP's. Ducado also has completed a new book which is scheduled for 2012 release. Ducado is also the owner of C.O.A. Entertainment and C.O.A. Empire Records.


Zenya Vi was born in Texas and is an all out Rocker. She contributes keyboards, guitar, bass, drum playing and haunting vocals to the Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi sound. As a youth she moved frequently around Texas and California and started singing, composing, and songwriting at a very young age. Heavily influenced by her father, (a drummer), she brings a unique fire to the duo. She credits her father as her inspiration to play drums and her grandmother was instrumental in her learning to play piano and her learning to sing. Z has been singing since age 4, playing drums & piano since she was 8, and playing guitar since she was 13. All instruments were self taught (except drums, which were taught to her by her father). Most of her musical life had been spent as a solo artist prior to joining Ducado. In 2010 Zenya caught a brief glimpse of a Ducado's band and soon after became a full time member. 

Zenya has written a plethora of songs throughout her career. She has a long awaited EP on the horizon and continues to write new material. Z has stated that she wishes to touch the lives of others through her music and songs. Known for being a woman of few words, she has stated that she is just shy in nature. Zenya is a dynamic and an intense performer. Ducado often refers to her as the "quiet genius".

Ducado The Speaker/Author >

As well as a recording artist, Ducado is also a motivational speaker. Ducado has spoken at numerous functions and keeps a regular schedule of speaking engagements as well as Live performances. Ducado's targets include youth and Indie Musicians. His youth motivational speaking sessions cover many areas including, self-awareness, self-love, setting high standards, pursuing your dreams and the music business. He has conducted sessions with middle/high school teens and teens that have been in trouble with the law. Youth sessions are concluded with a Live performance by Ducado.

More recently Ducado has stepped into the music seminar arena. He has spoken on multiple music panels and conducted numerous workshops. His topics focus on growing as an Indie Artist and Extreme Music Marketing. His workshops also focus on What it takes to make it as an Indie Artist and College Radio's importance to an Indie Artist. Ducado has co-written a music marketing book (Xtreme Music Marketing) with longtime friend Susan VyOlet Crandall. Susan and Ducado conducted Xtreme Music Marketing workshops nationwide.

Ducado has recently written & released a new book called "Shoot The Messenger & Burn The Bridge". Shoot the Messenger and Burn the Bridge is a book of motivational quotes and perspectives. It is a book that addresses the burning question who am I and what is my purpose? It's messages are intended to inspire and motivate. It offers tools and strategies on how to move forward and live the best life you can possibly live. Chalked full of energetic and positive messages. The book will give you insight on what it takes to live in Destiny and fulfill your purpose. It is thought provoking, witty and bold.


The sessions are energized and moving. He has won the praises of the community and his peers for his tireless work. You can buy the book NOW! Got to the Buy page of this website to purchase your copy of Xtreme Music Marketing today. If you would like to book Ducado to speak at your function please contact us: ducado@ducadovega.com

Ducado The Producer

The Writer Producer Ducado VeGA is a prolific songwriter/producer, having written music in over 15 different genres. Over the years his catalog has grown and now exceeds 1500 songs. He has written for, Produced and or Co-Produced a wide range of Artists. As a Producer he focuses on finding the Artist in the song. Never one to just give an Artist a song that he has just lying around, he caters to the specific need of the Artist.

In 2011 Ducado and Zenya Vi formed their own songwriting/production team DiiViiZiiVii. Others associate writing production partners include Wil Bleez (Michigan). Ducado produces in multiple genres. They include: Rock/Pop/Rap/ Hip-Hop/ R&B/ Contemporary Gospel/ Blues/Pop Rock/ Alternative/ Soul/ Dance/ Reggaeton/ House/ Country/ Jazz/ Instrumental/ Funk/ Latin/House and beyond. Not just a beatmaker. Ducado is a proven producer with knowledge of arranging, harmonies and music theory. Experience not Experimenter.


If you are interested in working with Ducado - Contact: ducado@ducadovega.com

Note: Ducado works out of Dallas, TX. Serious Inquiries ONLY - We will work on installments and you can finance as well.